The Hospital: Day Twelve

Friday, July 9

Ariana is absolutely out of it and does not respond to anyone all day. She only lays in bed and sleeps. She does not eat even when attendants and nurses try to get her to. I discussed with Evan and Lupe how we could stay up and make the patient monitors unable to work. I promise Evan that I will wake him up if he falls asleep and begins to participate. Lupe says she will try and stay awake.

Another boring day. Everyone states how well I am going. I tell Evan and Lupe that they will get out sooner because the doctor does not like me after the first day’s phone incident. They say, no, I will get out; stay positive. I thank them for their encouragement; however, I sense that this whole situation is focused on me. It has to do with how I am treated and not allowed a phone, paper, pens, or personal belongings. All I have in the bedside drawer is a plastic bag containing a toothbrush, toothpaste, and soap bar.

I was given a smaller cannula that attaches to the main oxygen outlet above the bed and can now move more freely to see my patient’s monitor. I also can reach my patient drawer easier. Because I can sit on the edge of the bed, I ask for compression socks for my legs.

I got a video call with Daniel at 9:00 am. I use coded sentences to convey to him that nasty stuff is happening here.

I continue to review my memory knots. I now add a memory house to my coping arsenal in my mind. I create a room for just me. This is important because maybe the drugs they are giving me or the electronic hypnotic program will mess around with my mind, and I need to keep it safe. I also create a room for the Salon Tara so that I can remember all that occurs here. Counting the days backward and remembering the day and date is getting easier. It is so easy here to lose my sense of time. The light from the windows is not helpful. There are whole hours that I dose off. I want to go home.

The chatter (I will call it chatter; the auditory hallucinations) is only between Pedro and Don Pavas. Lupe and Evan do not participate in it. The two men talk about how my house is gone. Or they discuss how my son has taken all of the money. Or how the chickens are dead. I now recognize this chatter as a program to discourage and depress me. I remind myself that all chatter is lies.

As this Friday ends, I realize I am cursed with another week in this hospital. Saturday and Sunday, no doctors are around, and no one gets released on these days.

9:00 pm: I did not take the Florodon and stayed up all night. I sit up in bed. I sing. I curse. I shout at the monitors that they are sick and they are conducting a sick experiment. Several times during the night, the patient monitor tries to countdown and connect but can’t because I am sitting up in bed, and I also disconnect from the pulse finger monitor. Several times during the night, a nurse will come by the glass sliding doors and look in. Sometimes they signal for me to go to sleep. I found it very funny to mess up their sick experiment. At one point, I had to wake Evan up by banging on the nearby tray table because his monitor managed to connect, and he began to moan. The monitors never fully connected, and Ariana could sleep peacefully for the night. No nurses came in to check on her during the night. I stay awake till 4:30 am.

Daniel´s notes: Lawyer SB:

7/9/21, 2:47 PM – D: <Media omitted>

7/9/21, 5:29 PM – LawyerSB: Wooo this is amazing man! I am pretty sure they will release them at any moment

7/9/21, 5:29 PM – LawyerSB: You will see

7/9/21, 5:29 PM – LawyerSB: I am so happy for this news

7/9/21, 5:37 PM – D: Thank you my friend. I am happy and hope for a release soon.

7/9/21, 5:41 PM – LawyerSB: 💪🏼

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