A Year of Change 2019

Second Life Changes:

I purchased more land for more prims for an expanded gallery. Some of you might recognize this large warehouse gallery space. It is the same building I had back in 2014. I also purchased the same Spanish colonial house from back when I was aztec Fenstalker. Then there is the upgrade of my avatar. New mesh boby and mesh head, which meant I had to spend money purchasing new clothing. As everyone knows, once you begin changing things there is no stopping!

Another change is the addition of a fully equipped photo and film studio. Located high above the Gallery, it is a place I work on publishing books and doing private photoshoots for people wishing to upgrade their profile.

So now! Gallery No. 8 is in the book publishing business. I began with the release of the gallery’s first book, a large picture book about the build at Burning Man2: Metamorphoses 2019. Yes, the theme was – change, very appropriate for what has been happening in my new life here in Costa Rica! Do you have an idea for a book in SL? Contact me for details on how you can make that a reality!

Make sure and visit the new gallery and bookstore which officially opens Saturday, November 23rd, 2019, at 12:00 pm SLT

Mayaeight: Gallery No.8/Photo Studio/Beach House Starship (128,64)



There have been many changes in Kitely. Here is a summary:

Kitely.com: Gallery No.8 and Town Center: All properties have been upgraded and/or redesigned. There is now an expansion: The Western Region where you will find resort homes for rent and the Western Region Power Plant and Education Center. The Education Center has exhibits on display about renewable and sustainable energy. There is also the Desalination Plant where you can learn how seawater is processed. Would you like to rent store space? There is now a beautiful commercial building where you can establish your business. Come visit! Be prepared to spend many hours exploring! Here the seasons change, so come enjoy the beautiful colors of the fall!


grid.kitely.com:8002:Gallery No.8 and Town Center


Kitely.com: Seaside Dreams: Expansion and Additions: The Castle Winery has expanded its list of fine wines for sale. There is now a bakery: Castle Bakery, Annies Apple Pies, and Castle Pottery. So, when you visit, plan on making some great purchases of finely made and crafted products! Do not forget that the Wounded Knee Massacre Memorial is an ongoing educational site. You will find a teleporter at the Seaside Dreams landing point. It is always sunny and springlike here at Seaside Dreams. There are many places to relax and stay. Spend a day exploring the many rooms of the castle.


grid.kitely.com:8002:Seaside Dreams

Map of Wounded Knee Exhibit Overview Map with Labels

Map of Wounded Knee Memorial

Click here to download the small powerpoint about Seaside Dreams:

Seaside Dreams PowerPoint


OpenSim: Remodeled and added more art to Gallery No. 8. I installed beacons to connect the regions all to the Open Sim. I now get much more traffic to the regions in Kitely by way of the OS grid. The Gallery is small, featuring only the most recent artwork. Below the gallery at sea level is a beach and house to explore – also kilometers of open water!


hg.osgrid.org:80:Gallery No. 8


Finally, in addition to all of the changes that occurred, there are now apparel and home decor items available with Michel’s artwork!

Check out VIDA.com:    https://shopvida.com/collections/galleryno8

VIDA store banner

Also Check out TeeSpring.com:  https://teespring.com/stores/gallery-no8?page=1


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