To the Real

We had a profound experience with the lab created virus called Sars-Covid2 and the lung infection Covid-2019. It was mind altering, it was thought provoking, and it was eye-opening. We are under a full worldwide assault called fear. We are at war. The result is that everyone is afraid. In being afraid one becomes insecureContinue reading “To the Real”

Merry Christmas Grid Trekkers!

The Grid Trek Staff had a dinner and dance party on the Grid Trekker I party yacht. We danced late into the night! We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season! A reminder: The Grid Trek cruise is coming up soon. Look for details next week!

Grid Trek Magazine Christmas Party 2020

The Grid Trek staff are cooking up a great dinner and preparing for absolute fun at our first annual Christmas Party! Please bring your friends and come on over to the Grid Trekker I party yacht! When: Wednesday, December 23rd, 2020 Time: 9:00 pm to 12:30 pm Where: Westin Marina Dress: Dressy! Music: ClassicContinue reading “Grid Trek Magazine Christmas Party 2020”

December 2020 Grid Trek Magazine

The Grid Trek staff worked through the night and published our December magazine on time! There were so many beautiful locations to visit! We know you will enjoy this issue! Grid Trek will be hosting a Christmas party on Wednesday, December 23rd at 7:30 pm – 12:00 am SLT !Food, Music, Dancing, and Fun! Where?Continue reading “December 2020 Grid Trek Magazine”

Native American Film Festival and Wounded Knee Memorial at Kitely

Watch this very important video documentary about John Trudell: poet and activist. Exceptional! Free to view till tonight at 7:00 pm EST Find the memorial at Dreams: Dreams Now showing at No.8 and Town Center We are hosting our 2nd Annual Native American Film Festival. We are currently playing ¨JourneyContinue reading “Native American Film Festival and Wounded Knee Memorial at Kitely”

October 2020 is Available in Real life!

BOO! The Grid Trek staff are once again up to their amazing work and have made available to YOU another great issue of Grid Trek Magazine! Feeling locked up? Feeling depressed about what is happening around the world? Take a very safe and hassle free vacation! Travel with Grid Trek Magazine. Find it here: reading “October 2020 is Available in Real life!”

First Monthly Event: Spring Dance

Grid Trek Magazine will host monthly events and the first one was a great success! Much thanks to Wayvz and Lyndara!   Join Grid Trek Magazine! Blog: Word Press: Second Life Gallery No.8 and Grid Trek combined Announcements: Facebook: Announcements: MeWe Group:    Grid Trek    Gallery No.8 Photos: Pinterest: Photos: FlickrContinue reading “First Monthly Event: Spring Dance”

More About Grid Trek

Gnosiseros and Mayaeight established the Grid Trek headquarters near the Blake Sea and purchased several yachts. The first Grid Trek event is scheduled for April 11th at a soon to be disclosed venue. They look forward to planning monthly events for all their group members. Did you know that as a group member, you notContinue reading “More About Grid Trek”

Sailing today in Blake Sea

Nothing like taking the challenge to sail in Second Life. A major problem is all of the landowners who do not leave a little space across their waterfront for people to sail by. It makes it hard to navigate! People, we can share the water! please adjust your rights of way to allow sailors toContinue reading “Sailing today in Blake Sea”