To the Real

We had a profound experience with the lab-created virus called Sars-Covid2 and the lung infection Covid-2019. It was mind-altering, it was thought-provoking, and it was eye-opening.

We are under a full worldwide assault called fear. We are at war.

The result is that everyone is afraid. In being afraid one becomes insecure and looks to an authority to take control and alleviate the fear. People stop being rational, stop thinking for themselves, and they feel paralyzed.

People are stressed out and worried about their lack of money, insecure housing, inflation, and the plandemic. They turn on the TV and soak up the latest lies.

Grid Trek Magazine issued its last issue in June 2021. We are no more.

We are fighting the battle against fear by turning to the real.

That means we are disengaging from all electronic, Wi-fi, network power waves. We are pulling ourselves out of the electronic matrix. This matrix is not like in the movie. No one has a plug in the back of their head. The matrix is Wi-fi, it is you connected to your phone and computer, and other electronic devices.

Being plugged in prevents you from thinking for yourself. It prevents you from asking important questions. You get into a mental fog. You stop doing things you used to love to do. You believe whatever is repeated over and over in the mainstream media.

Want to join in this fight for our lives? UNPLUG. Literally, unplug all of your electronic devices every day when you are not using them and definitely at night when you are sleeping. Limit your time online. 30 minutes or less.

Delete all unnecessary apps from your phone. Delete all game apps. Unsubscribe and delete all social media accounts. Take those earbuds out and stop pounding that music into your head all day. Do you feel some tension with this idea? – that is the matrix tugging at you. Nothing will collapse in your life without these things, yet why do you feel a twinge of panic set in at the idea of deleting this stuff from your life? – Think about that.


You know what is real? The sky at dawn. Birds and animals. The trees and flowers in your yard – if you are lucky enough to have a yard. Go to a park and sit in the grass. Talk face-to-face with another human being. If you do not have some sort of live pet – get one. Care for it. Disengage yourself and your life from anything that is not real. Put houseplants in your living space. Learn to grow your own food, make your own cleaning products, and sew your own clothes. Begin your journey to self-sufficiency.

Connect with like-minded people.

By doing these things we will stop being fearful, we will stop being manipulated, and we will stop being controlled.

Turn to the Real.

Self-sufficiency, healthy food, nature, family, and human contact.

We wish to thank all the people who supported Grid Trek Magazine. We are now undertaking this new journey towards, health, freedom, and reality-based living.

Spread the word.