Native American Film Festival and Wounded Knee Memorial at Kitely

Watch this very important video documentary about John Trudell: poet and activist. Exceptional! Free to view till tonight at 7:00 pm EST

Find the memorial at Dreams: Dreams

Now showing at No.8 and Town Center

We are hosting our 2nd Annual Native American Film Festival. We are currently playing ¨Journey Through Rosebud¨

Winter has arrived in Second Life

The Grid Trek Magazine staff wishes all our friends tin the U.S. a very happy Thanksgiving Day. If you are in Second Life, we are having a large dinner and everyone is welcome to join us at Grid Trekker I. We will be partying all day on the yacht!

It is what Grid Trekkers do!

We are working on the December issue, visiting beautiful winter and Christmas sims. There are so many we have to limit the number of photos – we have over 300 so far!

Grid Trek Magazine November 2020 Available!

Yes, the Grid Trek staff did it again! You can now get Grid Trek Magazine in real life! Order yours now as a beautiful magazine or as an affordable eBook.   eBook

Remember to visit us in-world to join our group and become a Grid Trekker by visiting our Teespring storefront for fun and affordable Grid Trekker Products!

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