Gallery No. 8: Located in Three Worlds

After much work, Gallery No. 8 can now be found in three virtual worlds. The main Gallery No. 8 is located in Second Life:

This gallery exhibits both past and present work by Maya Eight and Aztec Fenstalker. This is the largest gallery and features both real life art work as well as sculptures. There is a teleporter to the beach house far below on the mainland where you can wander around a lovely forest garden or sit and watch the waves hit the shore.

Next, in the Kitely Grid, there are actually two galleries: No.8 and Town Center

The larger gallery and artist workshop is in Gallery No.8 and Town Center where more real life art can be purchased. This gallery is among many other shops on an island land of fun and excitement. There are many things to explore in this world! Music concerts, swimming, sailing, hiking, relaxing in Crescent Park. Or perhaps you would like to host a conference at the Amphitheater. Reserve a room at the Lodge or at the Beach House!  Continuing on, at Seaside Dreams: Dreams

You can find a small Gallery No. 8 in the marketplace where a collection of digital art can be found, as well as the artist’s published art books about Second Life. Located at the landing point is a teleporter to the Wounded Knee Memorial education site and an OS Teleporter Beam to other OS sites.

Finally, the new edition is Gallery No. 8 in OS Grid: No. 8

After landing at the dock, one can explore a whole island or immediately fly a pod up to the Gallery. There is also an OS Teleporter Beam located here. At the visitors center, up near the Gallery No. 8,

there is information about all of the other No. 8 galleries and art projects. The gallery itself contains a collection of artist works, from paintings, digital art, to photography and sculptures. In addition, there is gallery space for conferences, meetings or parties. Surrounded by nothing but open ocean and open sky above, this is truly a very beautiful world by Danger Lytton.