Grid Trek Magazine November 2020 Issue

The staff worked very hard and here it is! Now available in-world, the November issue is available for your enjoyment! We will have the issue available in-world early next week! Enjoy dining and dancing in Second Life. Benney8 and Mayaeight found some beautiful locations for dining and dancing.

November 2020 Grid Trek Magazine

The Grid Trek Magazine staff is working hard to bring you another great Second Life travel magazine! For our November issue, Benney8 and Mayaeight are exploring dining and dancing locations around the grid.

The staff recently gathered at the Grid Trek Magazine beach to celebrate a new member – Spencer509 – he is our social media director.

Pictured from left to right: Spencer509, Nanston88, Rukia54, Benney8 and Mayaeight. In front is Gregor Vortex.

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October 2020 is Available in Real life!


The Grid Trek staff are once again up to their amazing work and have made available to YOU another great issue of Grid Trek Magazine! Feeling locked up? Feeling depressed about what is happening around the world? Take a very safe and hassle free vacation! Travel with Grid Trek Magazine.

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Second Life has many beautiful and exciting places to visit! Mayaeight and the staff travel Second Life locations and report on the most interesting sims to share. Many are hidden gems that few visit and Grid Trek Magazine strives to bring those to everyone´s attention! Some are well known to SL travelers. We hope with our monthly coverage to document sims for historic purposes, sometimes sims disappear! The Grid Trek staff wants to remind everyone to contribute L$ to the places you visit, support the designers of Second Life so that they can stay online!

Grid Trek offers the magazine in-world for free with a subscription and only $10L without. Subscribers receive a beautiful free poster every month along with their monthly magazine in addition to invitations to Grid Trek Magazine Events and the upcoming January 2021 annual cruise on Grid Trek I.

Please come to Grid Trek´s first Halloween Party on Grid Trekker I.

Great Rock and Roll, Great Food and Drink, great Jacuzzi and Friends!

Date : Saturday, October 31st

Time: 5:30 pm to Midnight SLT

We will give a prize to the best costume so come dressed to scare!

Note: An Event of Interest:

Burning Man 2 is happening through October 18th and Gallery No. 8, an affiliate of Grid Trek Magazine, is there on the playa with a beautiful exhibit. The Grid Trek Magazine staff were all there partying the second night! We will have a special section in the November issue to share the fun and many fantastic exhibits!

October 2020 Grid Trek Magazine

Another great magazine is out for your enjoyment! If you subscribed in-world, please expect some delay. There has been several days that I have not been able to access the region where Grid Trek Magazine has its office. It is where our main subscriber kiosk is located. However, if you come by the Gallery No. 8 you can pick up a free issue! As soon as I can resolve the subscription issue, I will send you your copy! Also, next week you will be able to purchase a real world copy. Grid Trek is available as an ebook for only $1.99! Find past issues here:

October 2020 Grid Trek Magazine Poster

September rushed by rapidly and the Grid Trek Magazine staff was traveling, taking photographs and working to produce another great magazine featuring beautiful sims in Second Life. October is the month of autumn landscapes and Halloween fun. Get ready for cooler weather and be sure to visit the wonderful Halloween haunts found in Second Life in this time of Covid-19. There are people to meet and fun to be had even in these trying times. We wish you safety and health.

from the Grid Trek Magazine Staff,

Mayaeight: Writer, Photographer

Rukia54: Editor

Benney8: Grid Trek I Captain and Photographer

Nanston888: Grid Trek II Captain and Assistant Editor

Gregor Vortex: Security Officer for Grid Trek Magazine and Gallery No.8

********Please welcome a new member of our staff;

Spencer506, our Social Media Editor.