Grid Trek on Teespring!

Gnosiseros and Mayaeight are very excited to bring you ways to share your grid trekking status. Now available, affordable apparel, decor, and accessories! Check out the wide variety of colors and styles!

March Grid Trek: Roma (SPQR)

Gnosiseros and Mayaeight traveled to ROMA a historic sim in Second Life. They spent many days there and did not see everything – because there are so very many things to do and see! In the March issue of Grid Trek Magazine see the highlights of Roma, a must-visit location in Second Life. In preparationContinue reading “March Grid Trek: Roma (SPQR)”

Being a Grid Trekker…

Gnosiseros and Mayaeight have purchased several cruise boats to try out for the January Annual Cruise 2021. This will be a fun event as Grid Trek takes select members on a cruise tour of the Blake Sea area. Please send us your ideas of great places to visit! Become a Grid Trekker! Remember to joinContinue reading “Being a Grid Trekker…”

Hanging at the Beach

Gnosiseros and Mayaeight love water. Look forward to Grid Trek exploring the many watery worlds of Second Life in the months ahead! Please join the Second Life Group –  Grid Trek for monthly gifts, event notices, and the chance to reserve space on Grid Trek’s annual cruise in January 2021! Visit Gallery No.8 Bookstore in-world.Continue reading “Hanging at the Beach”

February Magazine is Launched!

Grid Trek Magazine was officially launched Valentine’s Day! It features reviews of three very romantic locations in Second Life. Follow Gnosiseros and Mayaeight as they travel to Roma in the March edition – become a Grid Trekker and join the group in-world. Blog: Word Press: Second Life Gallery No.8 and Grid Trek combined Announcements:Continue reading “February Magazine is Launched!”

Where can you find us?

All links Grid Trek Magazine: Blog: Word Press: Second Life Gallery No.8 and Grid Trek combined Announcements: Facebook: Announcements: MeWe Group: Grid Trek    Gallery No.8 Photos: Pinterest: Photos: Flickr : Second Life Groups: Gallery No.8: Grid Trek  Magazine: Announcements and Membership Second Life Marketplace: Second LifeContinue reading “Where can you find us?”

Alert: New URL for Gallery No.8 at VIDA

It appears that there are other Galleries at VIDA with similar names, so to make it easier to find the site, you can now go directly or search my name at VIDA to locate my collection. The collection now totals over 200 items! Contact me directly if you would like to specifically order something thatContinue reading “Alert: New URL for Gallery No.8 at VIDA”