Isolated? Grid Trek!

In this time of stress, illness, and people having to isolate themselves, traveling in Second Life has many benefits. Join Mayaeight as she explores gardens and nature in the virtual as she prepare May´s Grid Trek edition. It is looking to be the most beautiful yet! April´s edition of Grid Trek is ready to publishContinue reading “Isolated? Grid Trek!”


One might ask, what does candy have to do with traveling? The story is that Gnosiseros and Mayaeight visited a very fun sim with ski slopes, snow, Christmas decorations, and a very large candy shop. This got Mayaeight to begin thinking about her favorite candy. So, for the next 3 hours, yes they do talkContinue reading “Candy”

Second Life Artwork

Gnosiseros and Mayaeight have discovered some beautiful artwork in Second Life during their travels. Become a Grid Trekker and join their group in-world! Blog: Word Press: Second Life Gallery No.8 and Grid Trek combined Announcements: Facebook: Announcements: MeWe Group: Grid Trek Gallery No.8 Photos: Pinterest: Photos: Flickr : SecondContinue reading “Second Life Artwork”

More About Grid Trek

Gnosiseros and Mayaeight established the Grid Trek headquarters near the Blake Sea and purchased several yachts. The first Grid Trek event is scheduled for April 11th at a soon to be disclosed venue. They look forward to planning monthly events for all their group members. Did you know that as a group member, you notContinue reading “More About Grid Trek”

Sailing today in Blake Sea

Nothing like taking the challenge to sail in Second Life. A major problem is all of the landowners who do not leave a little space across their waterfront for people to sail by. It makes it hard to navigate! People, we can share the water! please adjust your rights of way to allow sailors toContinue reading “Sailing today in Blake Sea”

Costa Rica in Second Life

Be a Grid Trekker! The Costa Rica sim is gorgeous! Here Gnosiseros and Mayaeight are exploring the hot springs with photographer Ed Rhode.   #hotsprings #photographer #photographyislife #art #artistic #visualarts #exploring Facebook: MeWe Group: Pinterest: Flickr: Links to both Gallery No. 8 and Grid Trek in Second Life: Second Life Groups:Continue reading “Costa Rica in Second Life”

Traveling in Black and White

Sometimes you can get an entirely different feel of a place by switching to black and white photography. Experiment with your snapshots from time to time! Gnosiseros and Mayaeight enjoy their travels in both black and white and in color! Remember to visit us in-world to join our group and become a Grid Trekker byContinue reading “Traveling in Black and White”