October Lock-down

This time of year usually brings cool weather, colorful fall leaves, plans for Halloween parties, and a lot of fun. This year, 2020, things are vastly different. I have not posted recently because I had many people in my family die. My father died of bacterial pneumonia April 9th, my mother´s sister died of Covid-19 on May 11th, my younger cousin died of an unexpected heart attack on May 25th. Then, my mother, who had been fighting cancer which had spread to a lung, died September 17th. It was all too much for her, the deaths, the polluted air from the California wildfires. I will be dedicating this Grid Trek magazine issue to these family members. Please be safe and stay healthy.

The September Issue of Grid Trek Magazine is Available!

Now you are able to find all of our issues in a very affordable ebook form! Only $1.99!

Check out the very beautiful September issue where we explore educational and Autumn sites in Second Life.

Yes, as promised, here it is a week later now available for you to enjoy in real life.



September 2020 Issue of Grid Trek!

It has arrived, your Second Life travel magazine! The one and only Grid Trek! With September comes a new school year for many. Many cannot go, but there are solutions! In this issue, we explore some of what Second Life has to offer in education. This issue will be available as an ebook by next week. Check out our other issues here: https://www.blurb.com/user/aztec8888