The Hospital: Day Thirteen

Saturday, July 10

Ariana ate her breakfast. Evan and Lupe give each other a thumbs up. We know we did the correct thing. We stopped whatever they were doing to Ariana, and we felt victorious.

However: the repercussions were immediate.

First, Evan, Lupe, and I all fell asleep – we were exhausted – was something put in the morning coffee? When we fell asleep, the nurses got colored pencils, crayons, and paper for Ariana and arranged a video conference with her mother. When we woke up hours later, several nurses happily chatted and showed the mom a cleaned-up and happier Ariana with her drawings of flowers on the video conference. It was surreal like the previous days had never happened. This celebration was indeed some performance.

Second: Don Pavas was transferred out. No warning. He was sent to a nursing home near his house.

Third: Pedro was transferred out. They gave him his bag of new clothes, and he was transferred home after an hour.

Fourth: There were now two empty beds, and they raised them so Lupe could not see the T.V. or the windows.

Then, several nurses showed up with a wheelchair without any preparation or warning – they wheeled me out to another room. I am moved to Salon Bolio, bed no.165.

In the new room, I could have a video call with Daniel at 9:26 am, and we discussed my release because the new room was a recuperation room – it looked like I was due to be released – I no longer had COVID-19. I tell him about the release procedures I have seen. I tell him that it is crucial to have the proper clothing, or they will not release me. There are all sorts of obstacles in place. I mention the book One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Kafka’s The Castle.

In my heart, I knew they were not releasing me. Paranoid? No, All other patients who were released were released after getting their bags of clean, new clothes, and they were released to their families to go home. The only patient I saw who was not released this way was Jose, who was so ill that I knew they were taking him to another room for severe cases.

The Recuperation Room: Salon Bolio

When I arrived, and after I had a video call with Daniel, I just sat on the edge of the bed and did not move. I observed my surroundings and the patients in the room. I felt this was a new challenge and punishment. The monitors were silent. No chimes. There was an older man in bed no.161. A man named Torino was in bed no.162, talking into his phone very quietly. A middle-aged woman was in bed no.163. There was no one in bed, no.164. There was no bed in the space next to me that would be for bed no.166.

I make a huge mistake. A nurse is filling out a form about me and wants to know my religion. I say I am an academic and have no belief. She glares at me and very loudly asks if I believe in God. Oops! I am so tired; I say – not really.

Observations: More relaxed. The sliding glass doors were kept open. I could see nurses and doctors walking by. The room is exactly like Salon Tara. Looking out the window, I could see I was now on a lower floor and more to the west of the towers. The patient monitors were not making chimes, beeps, clicks, or random light flickering.

I walk to the bathroom and use the toilet for the first time. I do not want to appear too strong, but I need to improve to get released. I know I am in the middle of a strategy game or program and want to win.

The older man is moved out of the room by the afternoon. The middle-aged woman was released home by evening. I was able to sleep peacefully without any monitor chimes or programs. A total relief! I feel that maybe the craziness has passed.

Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of this chat, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them. Tap to learn more.

10/7/21, 3:50 PM – D: Good afternoon Maria, how are you? Hope all is well. The doctors tell me that my mother has recovered from the virus. My mom has been transferred to the recovery room. My mom has shown great improvement and I think release to the house will happen soon.

10/7/21, 4:00 PM – Maria: Yes, I think maybe Monday.

There are 2 ways I can transport you here by ambulance. The Dr will tell you. Or go to pick her up and bring her clothes and bring them by car.

Mr. Carlos says that he and I can go pick it up because you don’t know where it is.

Place where you pick up is at the emergency entrance. There is a guard and you tell him your mother’s name and you go in with your clothes and she gets there, changes and leaves with you.


Breeches blouse pants stockings sweater a comb.ect.

10/7/21, 4:01 PM – Maria: From the Hospital.

10/7/21, 4:08 PM – D: Ok Maria, thanks for the information. I’ll get ready to go to the hospital on Monday. Based on what the doctors say. Thanks a lot. If I cannot organize a trip through Nico, I will kindly ask for your help. Once we know more information, I’ll be in touch.

10/7/21, 4:08 PM – D: Yes of course

10/7/21, 4:33 PM – Maria: Generally they start or say around 9am and they leave much later.

10/7/21, 4:34 PM – D: Ahh, ok of course. Thanks a lot

Daniel´s notes: Lawyer SB:

7/10/21, 12:44 PM – D: Hello SB, I hope you are well my friend. I spoke with my mother this morning and she is very well. She continues to improve. She tells me the Doctors like to check the patients on Mondays for release so we may have more information soon. As the call today was good, I dont think a call to the doctor is necessary today. Tomorrow afternoon I will call. Thanks and have a great day.

7/10/21, 12:49 PM – LawyerSB: Excellent Daniel!

7/10/21, 12:50 PM – LawyerSB: Thanks for the heads up

7/10/21, 12:57 PM – D: 👍🏽

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