The Hospital: Day Seventeen

Wednesday, July 14

I decided today that I need to tell the doctor I do not feel safe in this room where I am the only woman. I cannot go on sleeping under a sheet in fear every night. My oxygen level, which had been rising, is going down. I am feeling desperate to hurry and be released from here.

I see the doctor when he makes his morning rounds. I tell him I cannot sleep in this room with all-male patients; I do not feel safe. He assures me that everything is fine, that the door stays open at night, and no one will harm me. I show him my hands, which are still shaking from the COVID alarm night. I told him I was very nervous and scared. He tells me he will see what he can do.

Later that day, the doctor told me he could put my bed in the next room of people; more women were there. He says there is a shortage of rooms and he cannot give me my own room. I thought his answer was strange because I did not ask for my own room. He shows me an email on his phone from Daniel. He says that Daniel asked me to be moved because I ¨am uncomfortable in a room with all men¨. I read the email. (important note: Daniel later reported never sending this email).

Around 5:00 pm, the attendants move my bed to the room next door. As I am being moved, I see some attendants moving a new patient into Salon Bolio- another man.

The new room (I did not know the name – I will call it Room A) was filled with people who looked near death. I found out from the evening doctor rounds that this is the ¨international¨ room¨.

I could not see the bed numbers, so I will use the same corresponding numbers from Salon Bolio:

No.164 me

No.165 Samoan woman: she was about 40 and spent most of her time under the sheets talking to her husband on her phone. She was terrified, and though she did not know a lot of English, I gathered from her communication that all of the patients there were afraid after ¨glitch night¨. They were all day and night being used sexually by the monitors. There was no rest.

No.166 Ethiopian woman: she was around 50 years old and spent her time on her stomach moaning and groaning. I only saw her when the nurses cleaned the patients and beds.

No.161: Samoan man: He had a horrible skin condition; large white patches were on his hands, arms, and face. He spent most of the time sleeping, facing the windows.

No.162: Nepalese man: He spoke English well, but we did not talk much because he was ill. Aside from COVID-19, he had cancer. He was also being used sexually.

No.163: Beverly: She is a highly emaciated 23-year-old woman. She was crying and moaning in pain because, as she said in English, ¨they want sex over and over¨. She is the favorite of the people using this virtual sex program. The nurses had to help her eat and drink because she was so weak, and throughout the night, they changed her diaper after cleaning her.

Observations: In this room, the monitors were chiming, clicking, and beeping all day and night. There was no cycle. Was this supposed to scare me and make me crazy? Was this meant as a warning that I would permanently be put into this room?

There is a new nurse I will call Nurse Ratchet. She replaced the other red-headed nurse who wore the white jacket. J. said they needed someone special to handle Daniel’s calls, especially now that he has a lawyer. Nurse Ratchet is short and stocky with a very masculine haircut of very red hair. She wears a red-flowered nurse’s top and dark pants every day. Nurse Ratchet now operates the reception desk and handles patients’ release. She takes particular energy in diverting Daniel’s calls. She laughs and cheers with the other nurses whenever she can hang up on him. For a woman who appears to be in her 50s, she acts very childishly. As I have mentioned several times, childishness seems to be a symptom of this program.

9:00 pm: I did not try to talk much to the other patients, I decided not to take the night medicine, and I sat up the entire night and did not sleep. I braided my hair to stay awake. All night, I heard loud noises from Salon Bolio as the patients banged on beds and tore at the plastic biohazard bags. The Argentinian began to come out to try to get me; the receptionist and an attendant kept him in Salon Bolio.

The night nurse who records the blood pressure is disheveled. She reads off the blood pressure but does not write it down on her paper. She used a dry cotton swab to daub my arm before giving me the Heparina shot. She appears nervous and unfocused. Instead of making an orderly path around the room for each patient, she stops in the middle and acts like she forgot who she just attended to.

I cover my head with the sheet when the nurses come around to show off ¨the baby¨. They are especially gleeful because it makes mechanical-sounding noises like speech. I do not want to see this thing or be caught looking, even though I know this is all fake.

Daniel´s notes: Lawyer SB:

7/14/21, 10:57 AM – D: Good morning SB,

I thought about our call yesterday and the topic of the patient self release form. Because this is a Spanish speaking country, I imagine this form would be in Spanish. My mother cannot read Spanish. So this form would need to be translated for her to understand it. In order to not lose time, is it possible for you to request this form from the hospital? The only other option I see outside of this is my mother allowing the Doctor or you to explain the documents contents. I know her very well, she will want to read the document rather than have it explained. Especially a document as important as this. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

7/14/21, 11:00 AM – LawyerSB: Hi Daniel, one of my best friends is a surgeon at the Caja

7/14/21, 11:00 AM – LawyerSB: let me ask him if he can get it to me

7/14/21, 11:08 AM – D: Thank you!

7/14/21, 11:59 AM – D: <Media omitted>

7/14/21, 12:24 PM – LawyerSB: I just spoke to him and he confirmed what I told you: she can be released as long as she is not a threat to public health, so considering there is a National Emergency declared since March 2019, I do not think it would have made any difference. There is no form, she only needs to request a “Salida exigida” and they will put her to sign a disclaimer to release the hospital about any complication if she gets sick again

7/14/21, 12:24 PM – LawyerSB: So she is being released today or Friday?

7/14/21, 12:25 PM – LawyerSB: I think the problem here is the new doctor who is a prick. He could have told you the last time you speak with him

7/14/21, 12:25 PM – D: I understand.

7/14/21, 12:26 PM – D: The plan of Dr Polomo was a release today. He changed it today, for Friday. He told my mom this morning. My mom told me to prepare for the morning but we have to see.

7/14/21, 12:31 PM – D: This is what I was trying to explain before. There are doctors treating my mother who act in this way. Dr Polomo doesnt answer the questions in detail, tells me not to call on Weds specifically, only to find out her release date was today. I spoke with him Monday and Tuesday. Lastly, I am convinced now my mother was possibly sedated at yesterdays video call. She was confused about my visit yesterday like she didnt speak to me. She was in great health with no problems today.

7/14/21, 12:38 PM – LawyerSB: Weird

7/14/21, 12:39 PM – LawyerSB: If we receive conflincting information tomorrow we will be more tough

7/14/21, 12:40 PM – LawyerSB: That is tougher right, sorry about my English today

7/14/21, 12:46 PM – D: At this point my friend, I think toughness is required. Friday is the end of the week and I would hate for “something to come up” and we have to wait until Monday.

7/14/21, 12:48 PM – D: My mother says she does not feel safe at night because she is in a mixed room and only male hospital staff at night. She told me to tell you.

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