The Hospital: Day Eighteen

Thursday, July 15

The morning nurses arrive to clean the beds. I have the morning coffee around 5.30, and the doctor comes to give me some bad news. A patient in Salon Bolio has a bacterial infection, and I must be moved back and tested! I am furious but realize this is another trap. The doctor told me that I was going to be released today. I stay calm and try to plan my subsequent actions for the day.

While I wait to be moved back, a nurse walks in and begins to talk to the Samoan woman and the Ethiopian woman about how they need to have sex daily with their husbands to get rid of COVID. She says it is ok to have sex here in the hospital because they are doing a service to help get rid of this disease. I am sure now that I am having auditory hallucinations because I have never heard something so crazy in my life, except I had not taken any medications, and I am wide awake.

Today I sit and think about all that I know about my current situation.

In Salon Tara, I got myself in trouble because I could not stay asleep. I saw and remembered things I was not supposed to. I made the doctor angry. However, as I thought more about the situation, I was in trouble the first moment I entered the emergency room, and they decided to take away all of my belongings.

In Salon Bolio, I am now the target of a program to make me crazy, to break me. Everything is passive. They cannot touch me directly but can play on every fear to terrify me. Who are ¨they¨? From my observations, this is a U.S. program. It operates under COVID-19 health therapies because COVID-19 patients are isolated and can be harmed or killed easily without anyone asking questions. Patients have no power here.

The program affects only people in the room. Once outside the room, you cannot hear the chimes, beeps, or clicks. But you still hear the staff’s nasty comments and odd conversations. The hospital staff appears to be negatively affected by the program. They are nervous, angry, strained, forgetful, and unfocused.

They have blocked all personal calls out. Patients need a unique number to make a phone call on their cell phones. Daniel’s number is blocked from the whole network, and I can only get a call through the hospital staff’s tablet.

The program is multi-layered. The auditory hallucinations you can ignore because everything said is false. The visuals that occur when you are sleeping and involved in a scenario can be managed by waking up.

Once you leave the Covid-19 emergency section of the hospital, everything is normal.

I cannot sleep all night hiding under a sheet – it impairs my breathing. I decide if Torino and the Argentinian can escape the wrath of the night shift by relaxing and playing games on their phones, then I can devise something to do the same. Torino’s cousin cannot use his phone anymore because he does not have a power cable, so he sleeps with the sheet over his head. I look through my things in my drawer and see the bar of soap wrapper. On the back is an extended bar code and numbers, and it is a similar size to a small phone. I decided to try it.

The Program in Salon Bolio

4:30 am The Preview

The monitors chime a melodic sound and slow down. At this time, the talk at the reception desk and in the hallway is essential; from the conversations, you can determine the challenge for the day.

5:30 am Coffee Time

The quiet continues after coffee. I found that I can talk with the other patients, and they are their usual selves. Later, I think something has been put into our coffee because we all get drowsy and usually fall asleep after drinking it.

7:30 am Action, Challenges, and Intimidation

At this time, plans are made for the evening, and situations are plotted. It continues until 12.30 pm.

12:30 pm After Lunch

The monitors’ countdown chime. The countdown slows after about 30 minutes, then stops. Depending on your reactions to what occurred earlier, the program creates another set of challenges for the afternoon. I found it is better to be very calm and not react to anything being said or done. Otherwise, the afternoon is very unpleasant.

4:30 pm End of Day

The monitors count down the time; a decision is made about whatever is happening as the day’s challenge. If the challenge was that you would be released, if you are not released before the chime stops counting down, you will not be released. If this is a Friday, you will not be released until Monday.

My bed is put back into Salon Bolio, and I ask for a metal partition to block any interaction with the others. The Chinese patient was transferred out, and my bed was placed near the door, no.166. Next to me in bed no.165 is Domingo. He is short and fat with a bald head. He cannot speak English.

The Argentinian is gloating. He wanted me back and acted like he got what he wanted. The others fill in Domingo with what they want to do to me. The judge is still in the room, and he begins to protest. Later in the day, the judge is transferred out of the room, and I never see him again. I sit in bed and repeatedly count the numbers under the bar code on my soap bar. I listen in on what the others are planning. They are ridiculing my soap. A few attendants notice and laugh. However, it is magical; most of the negative comments stop.

The doctor collected a specimen with an anal swab, saying he needed to test me for the bacteria infection since one of my partners had developed an infection. I protested that I did not touch anyone. Then I shut up because I reminded myself that everything said was a trap.

The nurses and attendants discussed how they bought video cameras for the room. They want to film the other patients having sex with me. Torino speaks to me in Spanish and English, describing how the poor in Costa Rica live on less than 500 colones per month. They can come to the hospital to make money participating in research programs. The least I could do is play along; it won’t hurt.

I think about what tactic to take and decide that with my knowledge about this program, they cannot hurt me because it depends on fear. Since I know and remember everything, I am not afraid anymore.

After lunch, I roll on my side and go to sleep. I am tired and need a way to get out of this without damaging my health further.

While I sleep, I call up my spirit animal – the black Jaguar. My spirit animal is something I devised a very long time ago. I need it now. At first, it is smoky and transparent, but as I call it out, it solidifies. It is black but sometimes green with yellow eyes. I feel it stretch out its muscles and bare its teeth.

Next, I call out my Lakota spirit guides, the same ones that told me I was to be the recorder when I was at Standing Rock, North Dakota. I visualize their nebulous forms. I call on them for protection.

Next, I call on all of my ancestors by visualizing the Michel Family Tree and the thousands of names I recorded. I call on all those brave solid French people who refused to swear loyalty to the English monarchy.

Finally, I call up my family and friends, who I know wish me the best, and pray I recover. In my mind, I then challenge the program, ¨Bring it on!

I hear the Argentinian getting excited and tell Torino, hey, she will let us do it; look, she rolled over, come on! They wake up Domingo and the cousin, who had both fallen asleep.

I begin to feel the tiniest faint tingles, like small electric charges around my pelvis. They are almost unnoticeable. I think, is this it? Is this all they can do? I almost laugh out loud and continue to sleep. I wait a while; then, I unleash my spiritual army on them. My Jaguar goes for Domingo´s throat. My army swirls around the intruders, and I wake up.

The men are all sitting quietly in their beds. And they are furious. Domingo is scared and says in a shaky voice that I am a witch – a bruha. He talks about the Jaguar and how it attacked him. He says he wants nothing to do with me. The Argentinian is angry and says I am useless. Torino says I am a devil. The cousin is shaking in fear and says he will also have nothing to do with me.

9:00 pm: I take the medicines and ¨glitch out all night into the program. I first do the scenario called Extraction. In this scenario, Daniel has gotten the U.S. military to come and take me out of the hospital. I am asleep and hear banging on doors and a loud commotion in the hallway. People are running; nurses are upset and trying to block the doors. However, the noise is from some parents who have come with the magistrate to get their daughter out of Salon A. I hear a woman sobbing about how anyone could have done this to her daughter. When I woke up, several nurses looked very upset and panicked. One nurse is crying. I wonder, did that happen, or was it just the program?

I fall back to sleep and do another scenario; this one is called Embedded. I hear the noise outside in the hallway, and there is a group of soldiers. They say they are here to collect the criminals and try them for felonies. They wheel in a unique covered hospital bed and give it to the nurses. It is an incendiary bed. They will hold a trial in the salon and execute the men by placing them in the bed and burning them to death. It is the only way because of COVID-19. The Argentinian is speechless, Torino is scared, Domingo is terrified, and the cousin looks like he will pee his pants. They start protesting. I sit up and laugh and tell them I have been embedded in this program the whole time to expose the things being done to patients. I told them that the program software needed to be fixed because it malfunctioned on ¨glitch¨ night and affected all the hospital’s work. The men were shocked.

In the last scenario, no.10 – Eyes, I decided to avoid it at all costs. I had already been given a preview. The nurses were looking for a good set of eyes for their ¨baby¨.

I woke up sweaty and exhausted but feeling triumphant. But this worried me because I knew the game was not over. Would I win in the end? Was my cleverness at overcoming the challenges put forth going to mean a worse outcome later?

Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of this chat, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them. Tap to learn more.

7/15/21, 1:14 PM – Maria: I left you the original documents of your mother.

7/15/21, 1:18 PM – D: Hi Maria, thank you very much👍🏼

7/15/21, 3:50 PM – D: Hi Maria, I have unfortunate news from the doctor that he will not be discharged tomorrow. The doctor says there has been an outbreak of bacteria in my mother’s apartment and they have to examine everyone, including Renee. You don’t think you have the bacteria because it is spread through touch, not through the air. She still doesn’t have COVID and is healthy, that’s great. We have to pray for better news soon. The doctor says that if the test for the bacteria is negative, the fourth is 3 days. So next Monday is a potential if all goes well. Please, do not worry. We pray and leave the business to God.

7/15/21, 3:52 PM – Maria: But she had covid. Days ago.

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