November 2020 Grid Trek Magazine

The Grid Trek Magazine staff is working hard to bring you another great Second Life travel magazine! For our November issue, Benney8 and Mayaeight are exploring dining and dancing locations around the grid.

The staff recently gathered at the Grid Trek Magazine beach to celebrate a new member – Spencer509 – he is our social media director.

Pictured from left to right: Spencer509, Nanston88, Rukia54, Benney8 and Mayaeight. In front is Gregor Vortex.

Where to find Grid Trek Magazine around the web:


           MeWe Group:



Grid Trek at Teespring:

Affordable original designs.

Links to both Gallery No. 8 and Grid Trek in Second Life:

Second Life Groups: Gallery No.8

                                Grid Trek  Magazine:

                                Announcements and Membership

 Second Life Marketplace:

                                          Second Life Gallery No.8 and Grid Trek combined


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