Real Life Lies

It has been a year since we experienced SARS-COV2. It has been a journey laced with lies. They lied about the origin of the virus. They lied about wearing facemasks. They lied about lockdowns. They lied about medications to treat it. They lied about ¨vaccines¨. It has been a year and I have had myContinue reading “Real Life Lies”

To the Real

We had a profound experience with the lab-created virus called Sars-Covid2 and the lung infection Covid-2019. It was mind-altering, it was thought-provoking, and it was eye-opening. We are under a full worldwide assault called fear. We are at war. The result is that everyone is afraid. In being afraid one becomes insecure and looks toContinue reading “To the Real”

June 2021 Grid Trek Magazine

Available in real life! You can enjoy your beautiful magazine in real life! The June 2021 issue is now available! Check out the affordable eBook format!

June 2021 Issue Ready to Publish

Hold on! Tomorrow – still some edits needed and your fresh issue will be available in world tomorrow! The staff says hello to all of our subscribers! They had a break for Memorial Day as they remember all of the people who served the country, and all who are serving now – let´s bring themContinue reading “June 2021 Issue Ready to Publish”

May 2021 Grid Trek Magazine

Hot off the press! Don´t burn those hands, this issue is available in-world! Head over to the Gallery No. 8 Bookstore and you can find all of the past issues, posters, postcards and if you join the group you can get your issues and magazines for free!