Grid Trekking!

Mimmo (2)

I was visiting Mimmo again for a few more details to add to the magazine and met this mannequin. You never know what you will find in your travels in Second Life!

Mayaeight is looking for a great venue for the next Grid Trek Magazine Event on May 9th! Does anyone have suggestions? Please contact me this week!

Yes, I did purchase a mask!


The story behind this photo is that I was trying to take a photo of a structure near my house and I slipped on a wet stone and fell in!

Where to find Grid Trek Magazine subscription kiosk:

Five by Nine Media, Grid Trek Magazine Main Office



Gallery No. 8



AL Manufactory – Mainstore

**New Location: Manufactory


Westin Marina: Grid Trekker I – yacht



XD Yacht Club: Grid Trekker II – yacht



Grid Trek Dock – group members only hangout



Grid Trek Beach – group members only hangout



Grid Trek Advertising locations:


Focus Magazine & Photo Gallery


Can we display our kiosk in front of your business? We will trade for free advertising space in our magazine. Contact Mayaeight in-world!

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