Grid Trek: Available in Real Life!

The eBook version is now available for $1.99 Use this link:   And follow this link to order the magazine print version: Get Grid Trek Magazine June 2020 issue now!

Grid Trekking!

I was visiting Mimmo again for a few more details to add to the magazine and met this mannequin. You never know what you will find in your travels in Second Life! Mayaeight is looking for a great venue for the next Grid Trek Magazine Event on May 9th! Does anyone have suggestions? Please contactContinue reading “Grid Trekking!”

During Lockdown

During the lock down, I did an extreme makeover of my house both in-world and the real world. I took great appreciation today in looking at the sky and enjoying the birds that have built a nest in my house. The virtual world offers us many ways to meet and travel. So, while you areContinue reading “During Lockdown”

Second Life Artwork

Gnosiseros and Mayaeight have discovered some beautiful artwork in Second Life during their travels. Become a Grid Trekker and join their group in-world! Blog: Word Press: Second Life Gallery No.8 and Grid Trek combined Announcements: Facebook: Announcements: MeWe Group: Grid Trek Gallery No.8 Photos: Pinterest: Photos: Flickr : SecondContinue reading “Second Life Artwork”

Sailing today in Blake Sea

Nothing like taking the challenge to sail in Second Life. A major problem is all of the landowners who do not leave a little space across their waterfront for people to sail by. It makes it hard to navigate! People, we can share the water! please adjust your rights of way to allow sailors toContinue reading “Sailing today in Blake Sea”

Traveling in Black and White

Sometimes you can get an entirely different feel of a place by switching to black and white photography. Experiment with your snapshots from time to time! Gnosiseros and Mayaeight enjoy their travels in both black and white and in color! Remember to visit us in-world to join our group and become a Grid Trekker byContinue reading “Traveling in Black and White”