No Need to Be Alone!

Social distancing getting you down? Not sure of what to do or where to go? Do you have a taste for adventure? Join Mayaeight and become a Grid Trekker! Grid Trek Magazine is a Second Life travel magazine. We explore beautiful sims across Second Life, many that are not well known. Grid Trek will host dance parties every month. The first dance party was an extreme success! Lots of fun!

Find Grid Trek at these links:

Grid Trek at Teespring:

Affordable original designs.

Where the Grid Trekkers are!

Blog: Word Press:


MeWe Group:



Links to both Gallery No. 8 and Grid Trek in Second Life:

Second Life Groups: Gallery No.8

Grid Trek  Magazine:

Announcements and Membership


Second Life Marketplace:

Second Life Gallery No.8 and Grid Trek combined


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