Changes and Covid-19

Mayaeight is traveling alone for now. The Covid-19 pandemic creates many changes in relationships, in economics, and in politics. It is something we deal with. Please do join Grid Trek and become a Grid Trekker as she continues to travel and look for beautiful sims. In this time of people in lockdown, undergoing stress, facing death, we must continue to be strong, positive, and creative.

I hope that this pandemic brings people closer together even as we are apart. We need to wake up to the realities of the climate crisis and the lack of government care and action to mitigate the deadly effects of extreme weather events. We will leave this virus pandemic soon and head into the extreme summer heat for the northern hemisphere. Prepare yourselves. Form community relationships. Plant gardens if you can and demand that the governments of the world work for us, the common people.

Above all, develop your interaction in the virtual world. It is a very valuable place for us to meet, crossing national boundaries and through any sort of epidemic or pandemic. Here we can travel, we can educate, we can educate.

My best wishes to all and much love in this time of crisis.

See you in-world. Please attend the Grid Trek spring dance and party on April 11th.

See below for details.

April 2020 Grid Trek Event Notice resizeLighthouse 3.31.20_048

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Artist living in Costa Rica.

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