I am back, but I left…

Yes, it has been almost exactly a year since I posted after I came back from Standing Rock, North Dakota. Let me just say it was a life altering experience. I am a different person now. I cannot live in the U.S. What I experienced first hand, was blatant racism and hatred of indigenous people. I also witnessed how the government works with corporations to undermine human rights and evade ecological regulations. In addition, I saw people who were merely saying prayers, get arrested and charged with felonies. So, I did come back, but I stepped up my retirement date and moved to Costa Rica.

For good.

I am not coming back.

The past two months I finished my work on the virtual Wounded Knee Memorial. I have created a memorial that ties the information I learned about Standing Rock in North Dakota with what happened at Wounded Knee in South Dakota. The connections between the past and the present are very evident for those who do any sort of historic research. Please do visit my memorial and help me add anything I missed.

Let us never forget.

On a small island you will now find a teleporter to Wounded Knee, South Dakota. It is a work in progress as I add more information. This is a memorial of the massacre that occurred December 29th, 1890 and the information that I gather connects with the current news about the ongoing genocide of the First Nation. From Uranium mining poisoning the water on Navajo land to the leaking oil pipelines in Standing Rock to climate change literally melting the permafrost in Alaska. What we are witnessing are human rights violations and environmental racism. We cannot change what we do not even know is happening, so the memorial will bring this knowledge to the virtual world.

Official Opening of Memorial: Thursday, December 29th, 2017  7:00 pm PST

Location: Kitely.com         grid.kitely.com:8002:Seaside Dreams

Kitely: Seaside Dreams



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