Burning Man 2: Cargo Cult

Burn 2 2013 Cargo Cult Day 1

Burn 2 2013 Cargo Cult_Day 2

Burn 2 Aerial of Falling Cargo

Burn 2 Cargo Cult Day 5

Cargo Cult cargo boxes

Cargo Cult Day 6

Cargo Cult Day 7

Cargo Cult Falling Cargo Rear

Cargo Cult Falling Cargo Rear 2

Center Red Cross

Center Red Cross 2

Directions Totem NorthEast

Directions Totem NorthWest (2)

Directions Totem SouthEast


Falling Cargo

Falling Cargo Front

Falling cargo Front 2

Falling Cargo Front Night

Falling Cargo Front Night 2

Falling Cargo WestYellow Fire



Sustainable Cargo Cult Wall SignI finished my exhibit for Burning Man 2: Cargo Cult last night. When I began this project, I had never heard of a “cargo cult” before. So, I first thaought about what it coule mean and planned my project. Then, I researched about “cargo cult”. Kind of backwrds, but I liked responding to the theme first, then geting the actual facts. I hope you like it – see it next week when Burn2 opens!

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