May 2021 Grid Trek Magazine

The Grid Trek staff are working once again very hard to bring you the most beautiful sims in Second Life! This month´s focus is Gardens and Nature. The staff have found it very difficult – there are just so many spectacular sims! We decided to show off some smaller sims along with larger new ones. Please enjoy your May poster and expect the finished magazine by Sunday! Be sure to check the April issue in real life, you can purchase an eBook version for only $1.99 at:

March 2021 Grid Trek Magazine

What a crazy month of travel! There are hundreds of cities in Second Life and the Grid Trek staff were busy trying to see as many as possible. Our March issue includes an interview with James Samiam of Space Hub. Also, we will be trying to locate Mayaeight in a new section titled ¨Where´s Mayaeight?¨. Yes, the staff is trying to have fun while working hard also. We might need a few more days as we are sorting through over 450 photos! Expect a big issue for March! In the meantime, here is our March 2021 poster. If you are subscribed and /or a member of the Grid Trek Magazine group, you will get your copy of the poster on 3/1/21 – yes tomorrow!

Here is a list of where Grid Trek traveled:

Kowloon-Hong Kong, Rieri Town-Tokyo, Almalfi-Italy, New Berlin-Germany, Dublin-Ireland, Paris-France, Soumi-Finland, London-UK, Rome-Italy, Little Santorini-Greece, Venesia-Italy, Moscow- Russia, Jalisco-Mexico, Miami Beach-Florida, New York-New York, Hollywood-California, MachuPicchu-Peru, Mont St. Michel-France, Brazil, St. Louis-Missouri, Mad Pea City, Time Portal Cities.

In visiting the cities of Second Life, we noticed that European cities were heavily represented. We were looking for cities in particular – so while there were sims representing Costa Rica, the Amazon, and Kenya – were were looking for city sims. We want to clarify to our readers that we were not biased, it was just what is represented in Second Life and maybe creators might want to look into this. We included Machu Picchu in Peru because it was the ruins of an ancient city. We picked Mad Pea City – Room 326 because Mayaeight loves Mad Pea City. As long as there were streets, buildings and storefronts we used these as criteria for covering the location. We hope you enjoy our effort!