Real Life Lies

It has been a year since we experienced SARS-COV2. It has been a journey laced with lies.

They lied about the origin of the virus.

They lied about wearing facemasks.

They lied about lockdowns.

They lied about medications to treat it.

They lied about ¨vaccines¨.

It has been a year and I have had my blood tested three times for antigens – guess what? – the levels have remained at a steady high level and I have not gotten ill again. No, I did not get even close to getting ¨vaccinated¨.

However, every person living around me has been shot up and boosted and they are all ill all the time.

Fevers, coughs, muscle aches. It is sad to watch. And in the news are reports of young adults dropping dead for no apparent reason. There is even a name for it: SADS: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.

This is like a badly written science fiction movie.

Except it is real.