Tightrope Walker – My new book! Part 1 and 2

tightrope walker final copy 2 tightrope walker 1 final copy 2

The Michel family began their journey to the American continent with the first French settlers in Acadia (now named Nova Scotia).
After many years of story gathering and research, this book attempts to bring together oral histories, official documents, and photos in order to achieve a better idea of one family’s journey through political upheaval, economic hardship, and racial hatred.
What does it mean to be an American?

Summer 2014 In Kitely

Off to a productive start in Kitely! A new friend gave me a replica of a Lisbon Tram car. I decided to put in the finishing details. Because it is in its final stage- a whole 210 prims, there is a question if I can get it to actually move. After I finished the fine details, I realized that the thing needed rails, a station, and electric cables – so another 4 days of work was needed.  Another friend gave me a really cool gadget that allows visitors to change the region environment settings! I placed it on the Welcome Bridge. Finally, I worked on the problem the whole year…,I was able to figure out how to set up the TVs in every resort room! There is now a schedule of movies and music videos for every week this summer. For the last two weeks in June – to celebrate Juneteenth – 12 Years A Slave was showing, followed by a weekend of Journey music videos. Beginning July 1st – classic movies are the genre with a showing of Our Town followed by a weekend of The Beatles.

Over 50 items were placed in the Kitely Market for sale from Gallery No. 8!  Art, electrical items, vending machines, even an old rusty water tower, so, please do have a look!

July 4th is a party at the park  – Please do stop by Gallery No. 8 at Kitely.com! hop://osgrid.kitely.com:8002/Gallery%20No.8%20and%20Town%20Center/230/108/22

Herd of the Wind_017Station stairwayFinished Tram Station_001


A very happy New Year to all my friends on wordpress.com. I know some of you, I even have spoken face to face with a few of you, it does not matter, we have shared stories and laughs here and in Second Life and I consider you my friends. Many smiles and laughter to you for the future. I wish 2014 will be the year everyone wakes up and decides to do some positive action to help their fellow man or woman, the planet, a fellow creature. a neighbor. ~*Peace*~ The recipe for my new drink is Pomegranate juice, Champagne, and some crushed ice.