The July Issue of Grid Trek Magazine

Mayaeight made the deadline and yesterday published the July issue of Grid Trek Magazine. The theme for July is shopping. Shopping for justice in the case of Black Lives Matter. Shopping for knowledge in a fantastical place loaded with books. Shopping for the best in Second Life for fashion, homes, food, magic, fantasy pets, andContinue reading “The July Issue of Grid Trek Magazine”

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During Lockdown

During the lock down, I did an extreme makeover of my house both in-world and the real world. I took great appreciation today in looking at the sky and enjoying the birds that have built a nest in my house. The virtual world offers us many ways to meet and travel. So, while you areContinue reading “During Lockdown”

Traveling in Black and White

Sometimes you can get an entirely different feel of a place by switching to black and white photography. Experiment with your snapshots from time to time! Gnosiseros and Mayaeight enjoy their travels in both black and white and in color! Remember to visit us in-world to join our group and become a Grid Trekker byContinue reading “Traveling in Black and White”

Grid Trek on Teespring!

Gnosiseros and Mayaeight are very excited to bring you ways to share your grid trekking status. Now available, affordable apparel, decor, and accessories! Check out the wide variety of colors and styles!

Alert: New URL for Gallery No.8 at VIDA

It appears that there are other Galleries at VIDA with similar names, so to make it easier to find the site, you can now go directly or search my name at VIDA to locate my collection. The collection now totals over 200 items! Contact me directly if you would like to specifically order something thatContinue reading “Alert: New URL for Gallery No.8 at VIDA”