Alert: New URL for Gallery No.8 at VIDA

It appears that there are other Galleries at VIDA with similar names, so to make it easier to find the site, you can now go directly or search my name at VIDA to locate my collection. The collection now totals over 200 items! Contact me directly if you would like to specifically order something thatContinue reading “Alert: New URL for Gallery No.8 at VIDA”

A Year of Change 2019

Second Life Changes: I purchased more land for more prims for an expanded gallery. Some of you might recognize this large warehouse gallery space. It is the same building I had back in 2014. I also purchased the same Spanish colonial house from back when I was aztec Fenstalker. Then there is the upgrade ofContinue reading “A Year of Change 2019”

Now in Costa Rica

Many things have happened! I sold most of my stuff, sold my house, retired from teaching and I am now in Cost Rica! In addition, I am not on Facebook anymore due to the censorship and increased advertisements. Updated Links: I created a virtual memorial of the Wounded KneeContinue reading “Now in Costa Rica”